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For new client drop-offs only.  No need to fill out for an appointment or if you're a prior client.

This is a standard form used by tax preparers, and must be printed out and signed.  It authorizes Empanda Tax Services to represent you to CRA for the purpose of preparing your tax return.  If you are not able to print the form at home, there are copies at our drop-off mail slot.  Please sign one and include it with your other tax documents.

We must have this authorization in order to accurately prepare your return.


If you have CRA My Account set up, you can authorize us online and skip the form altogether.  After signing in to My Account, click on your profile and add an authorized representative, using our business number (716241005).

Click here for step-by-step directions.


For new client drop-offs only.  No need to fill out for an appointment or if you're a prior client.

Fill out the form on your computer.


Click the green button to download, print it out, and bring it along with your tax documents. 


If you're not able to do either of those, you can pick up a form at the office or we can go over the required information on the phone, by text, or by email.


A checklist of documents.

If you're unsure what documents we'll need to prepare your taxes, take a look through this checklist to make sure you don't forget anything.

We don't have absolutely everything listed here, so if there's anything else you think you might need, just bring it in.


This is a benefit for people with children under 12 and no dental insurance. 

If you are doing your taxes with us, we'll help you figure out if you qualify and, if you do, apply for the Canada Dental Benefit for no extra charge. 

If your child had or will have an appointment for dental care any time from July 1, 2023 to June 31, 2024, let us know the dates and the name of the dentist or clinic.  And that's it!  Please bring the information to your appointment.  We'll figure out the rest for you.

If you want to try it out yourself, CRA has a pretty good walk-through of the process.  Check it out here.


This is a benefit for seniors (eventually all age groups) without access to dental insurance.

The CDCP started being phased in during December 2023, beginning with seniors over 87 years of age.  Each month or so, a younger age group gets added to the plan, with coverage for all eligible Canadians starting in 2025.

When your age group becomes eligible for coverage you will get a letter in the mail with a personalized application code.  You can then phone the number on the letter or go to a Service Canada office to apply.

Starting in May, applications can be made online.

For more information on applying, follow this link.


For anyone doing their own taxes on paper.

These are the forms you'll need to fill out a basic BC tax return.  You may not need to use all the forms in this file.  You can find additional schedules for more complicated returns or for other provinces on the CRA website


Download the optional Information Guides and Worksheets here.


These forms are not needed if we are preparing your taxes.

Drop-off Form

Please complete this form in full if you are dropping off your taxes with us for the first time.  It will give us the information we need to get a file started for you.

If you're a new client don't forget to fill out an authorization form!

You can also use this form to submit tax documents to us.

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